Charitable Giving and Mentorships

In addition to our commitment to helping businesses grow through the right technology contract services, we here at Noble Eightfold aim to give back to the community through our long-running philanthropic efforts.

Inner-City Scholarship Fund
We have been supporting the Inner-City Scholarship Fund – a program that provides children of families in need – most of whom live below the poverty line and come from single-parent households – a chance to access quality Catholic school education within the Archdiocese of New York. The Fund offers sponsorships, tuition assistance, high school scholarships, one-time grants, and merit awards, regardless of religious affiliation. Through this initiative, Noble Eightfold hopes to improve access to education among the less fortunate, and allow them to lift their families up from poverty.

Island Corps
Noble Eightfold is also proud to be a partner of Island Corps, an eco-travel, professional leadership, and environmental education program. By tapping youth and universities across the United States to give their gift of time to strengthen education in public schools, and rural and beachside communities, Island Corps helps hone a mindful, caring, and value-oriented young generation who will be better equipped to run the world. Presently, Island Corps focuses particularly on the island communities of Puerto Rico, in the wake of the devastating Hurricane Maria. It engages both the volunteers and the local folk in an endeavor that nurtures friendship, love, peace, and cooperation, towards a brighter future for the island youth.

International Association of Women
Finally, Noble Eightfold’s founder and CEO Yvonne Perez is an active member of the International Association of Women, an organization that equips women with the resources they need to succeed in their career, boost their social wellness, and attain financial stability. Throughout the year, IAW organizes job fairs, seminar-workshops, as well as networking events, where women can engage with fellow brilliant women from different industries, attend training sessions, and avail of educational tools, among other privileges to advance their status in the workplace and the society at large.