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We share our experience to help you

Here at Noble Eightfold, helping small and medium-sized businesses achieve their enterprise goals through our telecom consulting services is our passion. Nothing is more rewarding for us than seeing our clients thrive amid challenging times, with the right telecom providers by their side.

Our telecom consulting service is backed by our strong commitment to learn about every new development in telecom technology, and by our solid connections to some of the finest names in the business. We know the telecom industry like the back of our hands. From wireline and wireless contracts, to solutions for telecom expense management, mobile device management, and telecom vendor management, we are able to find our clients exactly what they need.

Filtering through the noise

Ours is a holistic framework for procuring telecom carrier services and negotiating for the ideal telecom contracts on our clients’ behalf. We look at an entire range of factors, including price competitiveness, ease of installation, uptime guarantee, provider’s reputation in the industry, service quality, level of technology, network security, and potential savings. Most importantly, we put premium on creating a strong client-vendor relationship, the kind that will ensure exceptional product quality and client support service for the long-term.

We take great pride in having mastered telecom proposal evaluation and the art of negotiation over the years, allowing our clients to save millions of dollars amid an unpredictable economy. We have also determined good protocols, and know how to skilfully ask for what they want, under the best possible terms. From making the shortlist of potential vendors, to monitoring the telecom providers’ fulfillment of its end of the contract, our clients can expect to be walked through the entire process, and obtain the best deal for their business.

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