The White Glove Guarantee


The White Glove Guarantee

The White Glove Guarantee is Noble Eightfold’s commitment to holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards and serving each client to the very best of our ability. We not only listen to our clients, we learn, we understand them and their business goals. Each new firm we work with is a chance to build a beneficial new relationship, and the White Glove Guarantee is the guiding principle behind every decision we make in that relationship.

  • We guarantee to carefully screen all of our clients and only commit to firms that we can successfully guarantee increased value, and long-term technology savings.

  • We guarantee to not only seek savings, but also the improvement and preservation of the client-vendor relationship.

  • We guarantee as part of all technology negotiations to evaluate for possible service level enhancements at no cost to the client.

  • We guarantee to remain on board for 2 months (60 days) after all technology negotiations are completed to ensure proper client support and seamless implementation of contract pricing/services by vendors.

  • We guarantee weekly updates in person, via e-mail, or phone as desired by the client.

  • We guarantee to ease the process, by restricting vendor access to the client, until all negotiations are completed. We understand that our client’s time is valuable.