Newsletter – The Negotiation Dispatch

Called The Negotiation Dispatch, the Noble Eightfold Newsletter brings the latest developments in technology negotiations. Our publication features highly informative but easy-to-read articles on negotiations, personal experiences, methodology, opinions, and news in the IT space. In preparing each edition, we think of providing our community – made up of our negotiation experiences, exciting changes going on in the technology industry and how to better manage in today’s IT world – a valuable resource about our business and the elite service we provide, as well as a rare glimpse into our exciting world. We hope you have as much fun reading as we had creating it.

This issue of the Noble Eightfold’s The Negotiation Dispatch features a piece on C-Suite Negotiations, which discusses the difference between tapping the Vendor Management Office or a Negotiation Firm; an insightful interview with CIO Carlos Garcia of global management consulting firm Alvarez and Marsal, and two thought-provoking pieces: When Yeller Ruins the Deal, and Emotional Intelligence and Negotiations.

Bonus: There’s a puzzle on the last page!

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