Wireline and Wireless Contract Negotiation

A critical juncture

Signing wireline and wireless contracts for your business is a big investment that can spell the future of your company. Truly, it is a critical decision best arrived at with the help of technology contract negotiation experts, like our team of professionals here at Noble Eightfold.

When representing our clients in wireline and wireless contract negotiations, we come to the table fully armed with strong knowledge of their goals as an organization, their communication requirements, and the state of their technology infrastructure, which we gather through a very detailed technological needs assessment. Moreover, we conscientiously keep abreast of developments in the industry, and monitor the full range of offerings available from the competition.


Solutions that move your business forward

In choosing the technology services and products for our clients, we don’t simply go for the market’s latest or cheapest innovations. Instead, we look for technology solutions that will truly drive their business forward – solutions that will accomplish specific functions for the enterprise, and under particular conditions, too. For example, we know that some organizations may have more need for mobile phones than wirelines, because their people are always on the go. We also know that some companies will be better off tapping small local service providers than the bigger, more expensive national carriers.

To evaluate our client’s technology requirements, we thoroughly look at such factors as mobility, the calling patterns of the organization’s members, the voice and data allowances, and network coverage. Then, we help put together proposed contracts based on our client’s needs and budget – contracts whose terms we will be more than willing to help improve through negotiation, if need be.

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